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  • Dick B Nasty Dick B Nasty Nov 8, 2005 00:10 Flag

    Christians - Muslims


    face facts, the same will happen in the uk as whats happening in france, too many immigrants!. christians and muslims cant live side by side, muslims come to european countries and try to form there own countries in ours! they dont intergrate, speak our language, nothing !! race war by 2060

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    • Hi phil....just stupid kids is all they are.

    • Almofo3... Ice axe......Thats the sort of bad taste I would expect from a heathen, scumbag, cult worshiping, waste of skin like you.

      You see not being a racist I have no problem with black people at all. In fact unlike your ragheaded cancerous vile kind they integrate in this country and are part of its culture not an enemy to it.

      My feelings about what happened to that poor boy are extreme. I would torture without mercy, the foul scum that murdered him for no other reason than he was black. That sort of vile hatred has no place in this nation, just like there is no place in this nation for the foul hatred that is Islam.

      If you want to get it on with me man to man, lets do it. I work in Manchester at the weekends keeping scum like you out respectable establishments. We could easily arrange it. I wnat to make you pay for comparing me to the lowlifes that commited that cowardly murder. Now put up or shut up you foul scum !!!

    • almojo3, why are you always worried about where phil's c*ck is? So I have MINE in maverlk7's arse? hmm? You ignorant little raghead. We now know that ma551ve is "senior game master" and only a little 17 year old in Australia. So what are you? His little f*g buTTy? Do the two of you sit and giggle slap each others little willys around? Hahahahahahahahahaha!

    • phil you really need to pull your co_ck out of maverlk7's arse, there aint enough room in there with rightwinginit getting a piece, or maybe there is..?!?
      maverlk7, so where in stockport, maybe cheadle hulme?
      Any time? Or you wanna go down to brum to see my friend ma551ve?
      so which one of you is gonna bring the ice axe?

    • we knew ma551ve was green behind the ears! He is 17 and lives in Australia, according to his "senior game master" profile on Steek Message Boards. Little $hit.

    • phil and mav, ma551ve is "senior Game master". See the cartoon game site at Steek Message Boards. Or just type ma551ve into your yahoo search field and it will come up. He must have been gone to a "kiddie" tournament.

    • Phil.. you have to be careful you know...those muslim mobs are really dangerous. They can chant, jump up and down hands in air burning flags and effigy''s you know. Yep they are really brave when they have a nasty flag or a dummy in their hands. I mean think of the risks...a paper flag could easily give one of them quite a nasty paper cut!!

      Ok..One each...I know you and massive are good buds so you can get to 'cuddle' him and I will shake necks with the other prat.

    • Hi Phil...well...as I have worked as a bouncer and have alot of like minded contacts in that arena, I can raise quite a bit of support on that front myself. Any extra aid is most welcome though...one condition. The only interference would be to prevent others ( the mob of ragheads he will bring because they are cowardly shithouses ) interfering with a one on one with these 2 clowns one after the other. I want to hear them repent or its 'virgin' time.

    • almojo3...bring it on arsewipe I could take you 2 out on my own. Seems though that my theory about your type not being up for a man to man fight is right though. I would fully expect you to come mob handed and armed in fact. I aint afraid of you pussies, but I am not stupid either..I would have my own contingencies to deal with your vile backstabbing kind. You better not wank for a while or you will not be ready for your virgins.

    • Maverlk7
      I agree with everything you said. It should not be different for those three bastards. They are racist and they murdered an innocent person in cold blood. They should be hanged.
      Couple of my friends and I were discussing these issues few days ago and we were all saying that the UK is the most tolerant country in the West and these people are taking the piss. They are not human, they are evil murderers who do not deserve any sympathy whatsoever. My sympathies lie with the families of that person who fell victim to those three murderers and the policewoman who got murdered two -three weeks ago.
      I think that judge should resign for simply being a traitor to his own nation.

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