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    La Pen - Right Idea ?


    France is now being punished for allowing Islam to infiltrate and develop within its country. Like most "Brits", I do not like the French. However, their right wing movement being led by Le Pen is growing in strength and now calling for all non French people who are caught for violent actions to be thrown out of the country. What a brilliant idea. If they are not willing to be a law abiding citizen in its borrowed place of residence, then your not welcome. Why cant we adopt this way of thinking ? Oh I know, coz the PC brigade, left wing, tree huggers wont allow it. I hope the riots in France continue. Maybe La Pen will be the next leader and at least one country within europe will be doing the right thing and start removing this cancer from its soil.

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    • Phillip I really like what you've written about the actions France are taking - and maybe La Pen will be the next leader and at least one civilized country will be doing the right thing and start removing supporters of terror from their soil.

      I totally disagree with you that most Brits do not like the French. Speak for yourself on that one, and perhaps for the rest of your UK trailer trash common as muck neighbours (respectfully). What an ignorant comment -

    • Political groups such as La Pen's and the BNP are what you get when the main political parties ignore the concerns of the population; and when they try to avoid issues in order to please the pc brigade.
      My concerns are that groups like the BNP promote a form of nationalism that is based on bitterness and anger.
      Whislt I despise Islam and want it removed from the UK - I don't want to end up with a cultural identity based on the hatred of others.
      Also I rather think that the Islamists seek and thrive on the confrontation that groups like the BNP endorse.
      The politicians need to identify the problem - and that is mass immigration, multiculturalism and primarily the spread of Islam.
      I think they should start by quietly rounding up and deporting all of those hotheaded clerics and their followers.
      There also needs to be a halt to all immigration until all illegal immigrants have been removed.

    • Whilst I agree with SOME of your thinking, Le Pen is spcifically anti semitic!! I am not a Jew but I feel very strongly that it is totally wrong to blame Jews for the troubles in France or, for that matter in any part of the world!