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  • veryconcerned_person veryconcerned_person Nov 15, 2005 16:37 Flag

    La Pen - Right Idea ?

    Whilst I agree with SOME of your thinking, Le Pen is spcifically anti semitic!! I am not a Jew but I feel very strongly that it is totally wrong to blame Jews for the troubles in France or, for that matter in any part of the world!

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    • Le Pen is a Racist, and so are these scumbags who are rioting in France, (and whilst it would serve these thugs right), it would be very worrying for everyone else if he got in.

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      • Peter (shredmaster_flag): I am not so sure Le Pen is a 'racist' as you allege. What evidence do you have to demonstrate he is indeed a racist??

        Are Whites to be automatically labelled racist everytime they attempt to protect their own culture, or their own heritage?? Is that the world we have created for ourselves?

        Le Pen may simply be a Nationalist. Be careful you don't confuse the two.

        Can you provide some specific examples (at least three) to help prove your assertion??

        Meanwhile the scumbags in the various projects in and around France are surely racist, simply because they long ago rejected integration into French society. Instead, they preferred to create mini-Islamic fiefdoms within which they could live separately, just as they would live if back home in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, or Mali.

        Shouting triumphantly that France will soon belong to them; soon belong to Islam ... does not exactly suggest they have the best interests of the indigenous French at heart; right?