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  • Hinchcliffe Hinchcliffe Jul 4, 2006 23:47 Flag

    Do you worry about terrorism one year on?

    A year after July 7 I'm interested to know if anyone still feels the day-to-day worry about another terrorist attack.

    Obviously everyone was shaken up in the weeks and mayeb months after July 7 but has that worn off now?

    And do you agree that being more cautious (or 'afraid' if you like) means that the terrorists have won?

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    • Having lived through the Blitz, walked to school through the rubble of my neighbours' houses, picked up shrapnel on the way to swop with other kids at playtime, had classrooms in underground air-raid shelters, watched V1s fly over our lunch hut, and later in life at least twice narrowly avoided an IRA "incident" while out shopping in London, I would worry more about incompetent doctors and armed policemen than all the terrorists in the world.

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      • Like you I lived through the traumas of the war and do not concern myself over terrorists BUT please leave the doctors alone. In our old age and all through our lives we have been patients of various doctors. None were, as you say, incompetent. On the contrary we were and still are treated well and cared for by a super medical centre. My husband's life was saved by,yes, a doctor. Perhaps your attitude towards doctors and to the police is the problem. The police are doing their best in the ugliest of circumstances. Please do not be a grumpy old man?

      • Incompetant doctors and armed police do not go onto the streets with the deliberate intent to commit murder en masse. Terrorists do. Is it so difficult for you to understand that some people might be afraid as a result of that?

        Terrorists do not wear uniforms when they go out to kill, they look as normal as they can before they strike - and they strike without warning.

        I respect you I really do, but I disagree with your view that terrorists are not something we should worry about.

      • I to remember the austerity that was the Blitzcrieg--don't know wether the spelling is correct? Taking dead rats tails to the police station to "earn a crust"! Sh-ting my self under the stairs when the bombs fell! Collecting shrapnel to swop for marlies! I am still scared of psycho terrorism,even if it is more for my loved ones fate!

      • Like you my husband and I lived through the traumas of the war and do not concern ourselves over terrorists BUT please leave the doctors alone. In our old age and all through our lives we have been patients of various doctors. None were, as you say, incompetent. On the contrary we were and still are treated well and cared for in a kindly and professional manner. My husband's life was saved by,yes, a doctor. Perhaps your attitude towards doctors and to the police is the problem. The police are doing their best in the ugliest of circumstances. Please do not be a grumpy old man?

    • The problem is a clash of two diametrically opposite cultures. The developed west maintains that secular democracy is the right way for all to be governed while the primitive Islamic world puts its religion at the heart of politics. The irony for us is that a majority of our people were against a war which was intended to replace a traditional islamic system of government ( saddams dictatorship ) with a western democratic model. Clearly we can now see that the middle eastern islamic world is still largely tribal which is almost certainly why in the wake of the trend towards global nationalism of the 19 th century an individual like Saddam with his brutal methods of control was and will probably remain the only way of maintaining a stable national entity within the Iraq territory. Fact is it won't work. We should back off and out and let them get on with it or we will be targets for a very long time. They are not civilised enough. They are primitive social beings.
      Fanatical religious zealotry tends to go hand in hand with an inability to organise a society on secular bases.

    • No it doesn't worry me I know that the UK has some of the best Intelligence services around and we stop attacks when we can. Some people forget that around ten years ago terrorist bombings were nearly second nature in the UK!

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      • Dont you think the moslem hoods would learn that we've been bombed by some of the best, and for the last 60 years, not by bloody amateurs.As i've said before we have to be unlucky to be part of something as terrible as an unprovoked slimy chicken shit way of hurting people.
        As for some of the best intelligence around, under this blair administration(its not really a Govt)and his muppets they've cut resource's and we have to rely on others.If the service is so good how come 2 young moslem lads,1 shot and 1 Brazilian,killed.At a probable cost of £1,000,000 none were found guity.Police or victims!!!!!

      • Even six years ago the threat of IRA splinter group attacks was a very real one.

    • A summary of this whole thread.

      I don't hold a grudge against Islam as a whole, that attitude is shortsighted and f-ing dangerous.

      On the other hand - I DON'T CARE whatever's happened in Afghanistan or Iraq.

      If 9/11 hadn't happened that Afghanistan probably wouldn't have happened so the psychos have no reason to complain about that.

      Iraq is a different story. There was no sane reason for that to happen, but hardly any Brits supported that conflict...there was simply no way any of us was going to be able to stop it. So the psychos can't blame the average Brit for Iraq either.

      To answer the original question - I don't 'worry' about terrorism per se but I can still imagine myself or family and friends getting caught up in an attack. Which makes me more worried about some of the responses on here and elsewhere.

      If the UK and US governments are either too incompetant or too immoral to protect us and/or get any kind of justice for the victims of 7/7, 9/11 and everything in between...who is up to the job?

    • No I do not worry about terrorism, one day or one year on. Cancers, poverty related illnesses, car accidents and even food additives are tens of thousands of times more likely to kill us. So let's have a war on sacharin, or on the latest BMW. "War on terror" what a farce! The problem is most of you seem to have fallen for it.

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      • At least someone else is not stupid enough to believe the spin!

        A very relevant quote today.

        "Terrorism is a crime and crime has to be fought by all of us," Rahman said. "Did we delegate combating the IRA to the Catholics?

        The UK suffered 30 years of terrorist attacks from the(largely US funded) IRA. Where Catholics demonised in the same way as Muslims?
        Are not most Irish Catholics in Britain immigrants too?

        Should we therefore despise all Catholics because of the actions of a small number of extremists?

        Maybe some of you people should stop reading the Sun & try a book. You might learn something if you can make it past two sylables!

    • As long as these murderous bastards are being let in, breed, and spout their filth, this country has shit it big time. The more of these scum that are allowed to spew forth their venomous hatred for the west with no recrimination, then they will breed and spread like the disease that they are. They are murderous parasites with one goal in mind, and that is to take what isn't theirs, namely the UK. Blair and the rest of the wankers in government can't see what is going on under their money grabbing noses.
      Not too long before Enoch Powell is proved right with his 'Rivers of Blood' speech I feel.
      Shoot the fuckers now before they shoot us.

    • I live just outside London and I visit less frequently than I did before 7/7. I feel particularly anxious now when pulling alongside a double decker bus in my car, I am also anxious when visiting Bluewater shopping centre. My anxiety does not stop me going altogether so I don't consider 'they have won'. Having said that, I felt similarly vulnerable when the IRA detonated bombs in London, so we've lived with the threat of terrorist attack for considerably longer than a year. I think extra vigilance is sensible. The problem with fanatics is they have proved there is nothing they won't do. How can we take any precautions or protect ourselves from homicidal maniacs prepared to die for some deluded cause?

    • HOLY SH£T i have just read through this board!

      most of us are on the verge of a bloody rebellion

      people saying get rid of the muslims but keep the blacks!! its insane how long till some tw@t shouts hey why dont we get rid of them too,

      it all fuc'ed up, listen to yourselves take a deep breath and say what is the most intellegent thing to do?
      its not fcking go mental and start chopping up sinbads bloody shop or kick em out, it get them into the society welcome them into the community so they are not setting up mini bombay in every urban or suburban slum, this is where our suspission comes from wee dont bloody know what they are upto in their churches, in their communities, with their comrades, in OUR country?!?

      that why we are all so fked up about this, not because they are all fking evil just because we hate the fact they hate our culture show no open regret and upset that mosques are being used as recruiting grounds!

      they are being c nts over the bombings and i know some of them are saying ha fkcing ha you deserved it but most of them arnt

      p.s these communities they live in!! have you ever heard of a fcking litter bin you filthy fckers

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      • Listen to this prat. Hello, they do not want to integrate. We are the silly bastardsw ho invited them here, gave them democracy, jobs and a sniff of real quality of life. How have they used that democracy and freedom? They have used it to build a terror network and try to take that very same freedom away from us.
        Why dont all those who accuse people of racism go and live in a moderate Islamic country as a Christian and then come back and tell us about democracy.

    • I refuse to worry about terrorism. I will not live my life in fear, for if i do what life will i have. If i show my children that i am scared what life will they have but one of fear. These people want us to be scared, why should we give them what they want. I feel sorry for the people of the same race as they are they are the ones that get the abuse for what these people have done. I will go on planes, trains, tubes, buses and everything else as my life will not stop because of terrorists. I believe when your times up it's up and who sits waiting to die? My sympathy goes out to all those people who lost loved ones and got hurt in all the attacks.

    • Do I worry about terrorism after one year? One year of what? Nothing much has changed over the decades.

      Worry? Why worry? What will plain. unadulterated worry accomplish? Maybe hypertension, but not much more. Instead of worrying, we should all be doing some THINKING about the major causes of the terrorism.

      And what is "terrorism." Do we agree on a definition? Not really. Are the Bushman's orders to kill people--many of them also innocent--much different from the people we call terrorists?

      Think about it. Then do something besides worry.

      Don't worry, be realistic.

      Stan Kossen

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      • It's a complicated political and religious situation made worse by a tiny minority of exremists who make our multi cultural nations unstable, they divide and creat further tensions between us, whats the answer? there is no answer or solution at all within the average mans power. Just pray for the unfortunates and hope u don't catch a bullet or get blown up no matter if u are christian or muslim cos they don't discriminate do they?

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