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  • Hinchcliffe Hinchcliffe Jul 4, 2006 23:47 Flag

    Do you worry about terrorism one year on?

    A year after July 7 I'm interested to know if anyone still feels the day-to-day worry about another terrorist attack.

    Obviously everyone was shaken up in the weeks and mayeb months after July 7 but has that worn off now?

    And do you agree that being more cautious (or 'afraid' if you like) means that the terrorists have won?

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    • The moment these bastards set off a bomb they lose. Any sympathy they may have had with the British public goes up in smoke.

      They can kill us, but they cant kill us all, and if they try they damn themselves and their society to shame.

    • No I do not worry about terrorism, one day or one year on. Cancers, poverty related illnesses, car accidents and even food additives are tens of thousands of times more likely to kill us. So let's have a war on sacharin, or on the latest BMW. "War on terror" what a farce! The problem is most of you seem to have fallen for it.

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      • At least someone else is not stupid enough to believe the spin!

        A very relevant quote today.

        "Terrorism is a crime and crime has to be fought by all of us," Rahman said. "Did we delegate combating the IRA to the Catholics?

        The UK suffered 30 years of terrorist attacks from the(largely US funded) IRA. Where Catholics demonised in the same way as Muslims?
        Are not most Irish Catholics in Britain immigrants too?

        Should we therefore despise all Catholics because of the actions of a small number of extremists?

        Maybe some of you people should stop reading the Sun & try a book. You might learn something if you can make it past two sylables!

    • Having lived through the Blitz, walked to school through the rubble of my neighbours' houses, picked up shrapnel on the way to swop with other kids at playtime, had classrooms in underground air-raid shelters, watched V1s fly over our lunch hut, and later in life at least twice narrowly avoided an IRA "incident" while out shopping in London, I would worry more about incompetent doctors and armed policemen than all the terrorists in the world.

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      • I to remember the austerity that was the Blitzcrieg--don't know wether the spelling is correct? Taking dead rats tails to the police station to "earn a crust"! Sh-ting my self under the stairs when the bombs fell! Collecting shrapnel to swop for marlies! I am still scared of psycho terrorism,even if it is more for my loved ones fate!

      • Like you my husband and I lived through the traumas of the war and do not concern ourselves over terrorists BUT please leave the doctors alone. In our old age and all through our lives we have been patients of various doctors. None were, as you say, incompetent. On the contrary we were and still are treated well and cared for in a kindly and professional manner. My husband's life was saved by,yes, a doctor. Perhaps your attitude towards doctors and to the police is the problem. The police are doing their best in the ugliest of circumstances. Please do not be a grumpy old man?

      • Like you I lived through the traumas of the war and do not concern myself over terrorists BUT please leave the doctors alone. In our old age and all through our lives we have been patients of various doctors. None were, as you say, incompetent. On the contrary we were and still are treated well and cared for by a super medical centre. My husband's life was saved by,yes, a doctor. Perhaps your attitude towards doctors and to the police is the problem. The police are doing their best in the ugliest of circumstances. Please do not be a grumpy old man?

      • Incompetant doctors and armed police do not go onto the streets with the deliberate intent to commit murder en masse. Terrorists do. Is it so difficult for you to understand that some people might be afraid as a result of that?

        Terrorists do not wear uniforms when they go out to kill, they look as normal as they can before they strike - and they strike without warning.

        I respect you I really do, but I disagree with your view that terrorists are not something we should worry about.

    • The whole history of Christianity and Muslim has been one of perpetual conflict
      Talk of dialogue between the two ideologies is complete pie in the sky
      Both religions were born out of conflict and drawn up to oppose the other
      Christianity has moved on but not the muslims
      If they choose to go around killing each other in their own Countries and live in societies that foster brutal regimes then so be it
      The West should stay out of it and protect their national security
      If attacked they should strike back mercilessly

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      • So simple!

        Ask blair and bush to stop the war in iraq, afghanistan and funding the so called 'israiel'. This way we (west) can stay out of this trouble.

        Who the hell on earth gave us the right to go in their lands and kill their people. Why the Iraq war? Where are WMD? You people give me jokes. OHHH Afghanistan?!! then where is Osama bn Laden? hmmmmm.. gives us an excuse to stay for long init! so let him free..JOKES!!

        just think for a while my friend

    • Yes,every thinking person should worry about a group in their country that resorts to death and mutilation to achieve their aims of a totalitarian Islamic extremist state.Our involvement in Iraq and Afganistan may be questionable,but it has,nt taken people long to forget the reasons why this involvement occured.The mass murder by Saddam of the very Islamic people that now use our involvement to blow us up,and the supression of the Islamic peoples of Afganistan by the Taliban,together with their support for the unprovoked mass murderers of 9/11.No the radicals excuses for their actions are total bullshit.Their aims are specific,the total submission of the West to their disgusting ideology.We are all faced with protecting ouselves against these evil forces as we have been against other such forces in the past,no matter what it takes.Without such total commitment we shall suffer mightily.

    • NO my message to the terrorists is simple, its the same message I had for Hitler when he was bombing the crap out of me; Its F***K YOU.you wont win Dickheads.

    • Yes I do feel a day to day threat of terror. Terrorist groups are actively being monitored in the UK and there is a very real threat of it happening again. A year on there is an increased threat. It is a real and present danger. It will happen again. While that vicious, wicked faith is allowed to operate in the UK then you can expect the British people to be hated by some of its members and attacked. We have an "enemy within" and the most stupid think is that it is politically incorrect to point it out. It's like having a rabid dog running around a childrens playground with the teachers in charge pretending the dog isn't there.

    • In this video from the terrorist who blew himself up last year he says that much more will follow. A year on and we are hardly besieged. Looks like his Holy War has fialed to materialize so far. People like this are isolated and shouldnt cause worry like they do.

      The terrorists are hardly winning. They cause little pockets of violence that only serve to turn people against muslims at large.

    • its always at the back of my mind that terrorism is real. i watch my little sister play around and take comfort in the fact that she has no idea what evil is in this world, i pray she won't be afraid when she does find out. everytime i hear a siren today wether its police or ambulance i think of those who lost their lives in such and awfull way. watching the breakfast show on bbc1 this morning it was hard for me not to cry remembering how i felt when i heard what had happened its the same with 9/11. things will never be the same i know that but if we stand together i tell the teooroists we are not afriad of them, they will crawl back under the rocks they came from they deserve no symapthy on this day only the poeple who lives they destroyed deserve that

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      • Today will bring back reminds to every one across the counthry. My brother uses to walk on the tube . Some of my mates still do. My brother would have been on the Kings Cross tube but they had finished work half an hour earlier that day. If they didnt I dont know what i would do I would have losted my bro and two of my best friends .

        Blair makes me sick . Stand down Blair no one wants you dont you get the message the british public (whats left of the british public) doesnt want you .
        Im not racist . But years ago you would see and coloured man/ woman but now you dont see white men/women walking around this country has been turned on its head .




    • "Europe will not have peace until the _______ question has been disposed of"
      fill in the blanks ie. terrorist you ask?, Taliban?
      Who said this? bush?, blair, no it was adolph hitler after the Reichstag suffered a terrorist attack and they blamed the jews, history it seems is repeating itself.

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      • One year on, no I do not feel any safer about the terrorist threat to Britain and I actually feel the situation is even worse now. Sadly I believe right now would-be fanatics have more reason than ever to want to attack us.

        What disgusts me is the fact that after 7/7 happened, Blair was widely praised for the way he handled everything, and again this year he was at the centre of the proceedings during todays's two minute silence.


        If it wasn't for Blair's disgraceful foreign policies, July 7th would never have happened in the first place. Even Al-Qaeda themselves have said that the attacks were in response to this, and will continue until we withdraw troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, and stop financing America & Israel.

        Blair, in his arrogance, says that the bombers used the Iraq war as an 'excuse' for their actions. No, Blair, they did it in RESPONSE to the atrocities you YOURSELF have committed.

        If we are supposed to be fighting this 'war on terror' then how about starting right here in the UK?? A year on, and the government admits it has little or no information on any of the bombers, no-one has been arrested and still a public inquiry has not been made.

        I find that appalling, and disrespectful to the families of those killed.

        The terrorist threat to Britain will always be very real until Blair brings our troops home and stops interfering in the Middle East. He is making this country an ever more dangerous place to live in for all of us.

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