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  • Dick B Nasty Dick B Nasty Aug 15, 2006 02:27 Flag

    Air Marshals on all flights

    do you think it would be a good idea?. i know they have them on flights to israel and usa, but what about uk flights?. I'd feel safer knowing they were there

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    • What a great idea, more trigger happy fascists who can't wait to get their gun off and now on the plane with me and my family jangling his spurs and acting like God. Of course I'm not asian looking so probably wouldn't be his first target but I dont want to be in the way when one of his rounds fired at Mohammed Al Akbar for looking at him a bit funny goes astray and punctures the cabin causing it to rapidly depressurize and suck my little son into oblivion and anyone else not strapped into their seat.

      Try stopping being so paranoid and looking at who really is beind "terrorism" at which point you'll realise that Air Marshalls arent gonna be able to do jack about stopping the REAL threat and are nothing more than yet another illegal shooting waiting to happen.

      Goddamn it, this Government has you all so wound up with misplaced fear that you'll be queuing soon to be microchipped.