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  • Pasha Pasha Sep 11, 2006 16:37 Flag

    9/11 5 years ago today...what have we learned?

    As we are all aware, today is the day that the entire world stood still in horror and disbelief at what terrorists were capable of.

    3,000 people lost their life as a result of Extremist Islamic desire to silence free speech, challenge USA policies and convert America to Islam and all in the name of religion.

    And so today, five years on, it is coming to our attention that America now considers the greatest threat from Muslim extremism to emanate from our own shores in Britain.

    So I ask, what have we learned about the atrocities carried out 5 years ago?
    Have we learned whom we can trust and whom we must mistrust?
    What are our own and America’s Government doing?
    And how do you personally feel about the threat that is being proven to live among US, right here, right NOW?

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