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    Support for the Blades

    I thought I should voice support for your protest against West Ham's illegal signing of Tevez and Masherano.

    Any football supporter realises what West Ham did was totally flouting the laws of the game and when other teams have done this they have been punished in the time honoured way of deducting points.

    It also be fair to state that had Wigan been relegated instead I would have sent this same message to their message board.

    Why did the Premier League not apply the punishment correctly...... one can only speculate!!!

    The fact that at the end of 05/06 season Arsenal needed Spurs to lose their last fixture and hey presto most of the squad go down with food poisoning on the eve of the match.

    The rest is history Spurs were beaten by WEST HAM and Scudamore the Chief Executive made his decision that Spurs should play the game without going across London to visit the team himself.

    Where was he .... he was a guest of David Dein comfortably sat in a Executive Box at Highbury awaiting the start of the Arsenal game.

    Ask yourselves what did some people at West Ham know (in fairness they appeared agreeable to re-arrange the match) as the Premier League insisted the game must go ahead regardless of ill some of Spurs players had been over the previous 18 hours.

    Spurs lost any chance to hang onto 4th place a position they had held since before Christmas and a Champions League place and the related revenue.

    Now mysteriously West Ham haven't had a points deduction
    with a cost to the Blades of £30m.

    Are the Blades (could easily have been Wigan) a victim of
    a major stitch up.

    Hearing the news of FIFA getting involved I hope that common sense prevails and that any team (in this case West Ham) that seriously breaches the rules gets their just desserts.

    Best of Luck

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    • who asked for a scotsman to butt in on an english league topic! oh yeah the scottish league is #$%$ so they have to look at ours!

    • Im a happy hammer and the fact that my father in law is the assistant director in ACAS i have it on good authority thats theirs not a cats chance of the orignal punishment being overturned.where has sheffield united still have the kabba affair to answer to.watch and weep sh...y sheffield you are about to be deducted points over that.

    • forget west ham and sheffield united you should concentrate on your own,Hows henry? next out the door arsey wenger,the yids are on your heels.com on you irons.

    • Not a cats chance remember you still have the kabba affair to answer to.we are prem class so accept it you have gone ha-ha now whos laughing us happy hammers.

    • Who really cares if Sheff U are relegated outside Sheffield? Face it, you went down because you weren't good enough on the pitch. Even if you manage to get away with this on a technicality. it's only delaying the in-evitable............

    • Are you still whining about that from last year get a life !
      As the league stated last year we were in the FA Cup final and there was no way they were going to re-arrange a game because of the illnesses to the players in the team.
      But you seem to have a very short memory all you fans jumping on the band wagon, wasn't George Graham found to have a bundle of notes in his drawer as your boss and you lot got away with it by sacking him ??? I'll say no more.

    • Simple facts of the matter in my opinion.

      I am a West Ham supporter and think that the fine was a sufficient penalty considering the club had since installed new owner and manager who had nothing to do with any supposed dodgy dealing. West Ham did not 'match fix' or field 13 players in an effort to stay up, they played the players who were registered.

      If I was a Sheffield United fan I would be screaming blue murder and trying to find anyway to justify punishing West Ham further and reinstalling Sheff U in the prem.

      If I was a neutral supporter I would look at the last fixtures of the season. Sheff U had the comparitivley easy task of requiring a home draw against Wigan; Hammers had to travel to and get a result against the mighty Man U.

      For me (on a football level) the last game of the season really decided who should stay up and go down. That being said I think it's a big shame that it had to be Sheffield and I genuinely wish them a speedy recovery.

    • Dear, Dear now it turns out you have broken the same Premier League ownership rules!!!!!!!!

    • oh the abuse..........see you at upton park....hammers v man city....thats played on a saturday within gmt, so set your watch for thursday afternoon, catch that £200 train and you might just make it....oh and remember to take your passport

    • Yes, yes David Icke, now get back in your box please!

      I'm from Edinburgh, so you're all southerners to me. And you pal, think too much.

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