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  • Well thats the first match of the Robson era played. Any opinions? Whats anyone reckon?.I thought the defending was schoolboy at times. Wasn't impressed by debutant Naysmith at leftback at all.Hendrie and Beattie didnt do too bad. Looked disjointed all over the pitch to me.

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    • Hi Howdy0069
      Nice to see you have not a problem with the West Ham fans in General. When it comes to the FA, I agree with you past and present. (note how i leave out West Ham Directors, but I hated Brown. lol). Im hearing of this " Big Club " effect if your face fits or does not. Not only about West ham but other clubs, the refs and some managment. ie one manager saying something about a ref and being fined, then another one saying something about same ref and nothing comes of it. (man u). I really hope that is not the case for the sake of all clubs and football as a whole.
      As for aston being back, yes lets see how he does but I have a good feeling about west ham this session.

      ps if we do get relegated, which I cant see happening. Your welcome to come and take the #$%$. Lol. it part of football. The ups and the downs. The p!ss taking, the tears and the belive you be back. Dont forget howdy, we have been there and come back. Keep your fingers crossed. All the best.
      ps. I give you back your room now. lol

    • Hello Papaburgundy.
      Thank you for your reply. Very nice of you and I wish your team all the best. Good Luck. :)

    • message for laura j to say the message i posted on 19th aug, was directed at you.

    • i will leave them alone till next year howy ,as they dont like it up em .have you read what teves owner is saying about prem lg ,oh i was only taking p--- they are very touchy better leave them to get on with things eh .oh by the way sheep keep coming up i dont like lamb is it you

    • Hello Laura j. Personally I have no problem with West Ham fans in general. Just the odd #$%$. But we all have those dont we? My gripes are with the FA and West Hams directors, past and present.Oh and Jooberchian as well. I don't believe him and his ilk do football anygood at all. To me the players agents, representatives, managers , call them what you will, are just parasites riding on the back of what is an easy mealticket for them.Without Jooberchian there wouldn't be any Tevez saga, so I say ban them all.
      I,ve not been on your board Laura,so can't comment on other fans,and dont intend to, unless you get relegated, then I might be tempted to take the #$%$ a bit. You might survive now Ashtons back.

    • i wont bother you again waste of time im board with you all youre all a bunch of kids see you

    • Tut. Just found out so is mine. ffs. lol

    • Grim. He already knows...

    • Hello howy0069

      By the way, west ham fan here. (o another out of the wood work) there are some good points you make about west ham but you have to agree. everyone of those boys that sat in that changing room played there hearts out to stay up. They was just as worried the club would go down as us fans was. They played there hearts out and won on the last day..before that they was lazy playing. I felt some of the players where there just for the money and that was all..

      Ps. I think you find the reason most of us hammers come into here is not cos we are "twitchy" but because one of your lot wont leave our chat a lone. They have so much hate yet take it out on the west ham fans. We not to blame. We are not cheats and the boys that played the football last season was not cheats. what went on behind closed doors in browns time west ham are paying for now, and have been for a long time.

    • The reality is probably that SUFC may not get compensation.However, there is obviously a case for compensation, which just confirms the case hasn't been dealt with competently from the start. Your still twitchy though, thats why you 'ammers come on here in the first place.

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