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  • B4ts B4ts Mar 28, 2008 02:56 Flag

    Your best ever team !

    Howy and Papa.

    Just had a little play around on our board with a best team ( within my memory) So, who would be in yours ? I can recall some of your top lads, Tony Currie, Keith Edwards, Geoff Salmon, Mick Jones was Trevor Hockey yours or Derby !! I will let you fill in the details and jog my memory if you would be so kind ! Respect B4ts.

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    • always a hard choice. so many great players down the years. i've only been watchin Blades live since 1988 so my choices would definitely not be the same as others who have watched legends like Currie, Colquhoun, Woodward and the like!!!!

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      • Yes Papa, I understand this "generation" thing. I see it all the time with best ever music albums etc. I always wonder how the hell Oasis and Smiths get regarded so highly ! I was a 60s and 70s teenager and to me the "modern" stuff sung by muppets who can barely play instruments just does not cut it ! I forgot about Woodward , I cannot recall Colquhoun although I must have seen him, Sabella was a good player for you but dropped off when he came to Leeds !