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  • 1878
    The World's first floodlit match

    On the 14th October Bramall Lane staged a unique match. The first in the World to be played under floodlights. The Sheffield Telegraph reported ..

    "There was an overwhelming interest in the experiment, and excursionists arrived in large numbers from distant grounds. Between six and seven o'clock, it seemed as if all Sheffield was heading for Bramall Lane. The streets were thronged from all directions. At the game curiosity conquered customary courtesy, and the few who were really interested in the play were obliged to give way to the many who had eyes only for the new lights. Many of the ladies, once within the rays, shot up umbrellas as they would parasols to shield them from the sun at mid-day!" (Sheffield Football: A History, Volume 1)

    To the delight of the committee the official attendance of 12000 generated receipts of £300 but it was estimated that the crowd was as high as 20000, many scaling the perimeter walls to catch a glimpse of the electric lights