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  • To the relegation zone.

    You can't blame West Ham this time.

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    • The lane & st.andrews,or halls of fame,in the past,2 great footballing stadiums 2 sets of top fans.
      yes we can remember the 7ts,when we were both forces to be admired,so why not host world cup football,at these venues,& i am positive both these clubs will once again dominate the premiere league,in the years to come."keep the faith",even leeds,may be with us then,aswell !

    • The dont know the meaning of true support. They couldn't fill their poxy ground for the local derby at home against Villa!

    • How dare you---how very very dare you---these fuskcing stilletos are killing me.

    • Alan, no matter how hard you try, you always sound gay.

      Ask NODDY, he could do with a hand.

    • Throw in Roy, and we got ourseleves the three stooges

      Which is which?

      Tilton = the fat one

      Razorblade = the one with the mad professor hair. Too bad he didn't get the brains to go with 'em

      Roy = the one that looked like baldric. He's always got a cunning plan (use of fake ids to win arguments) but they usually backfire in his face.

    • Last week ,we travelled by train from the toon to the lane.from durham,darlington,york,we met more exiled blades,still giving 100%,to our be-loved club.even the travelling toon army fans were impressed. Respect to the hundreds of away day blades,who have to travel,to the shrine of bramall lane & have season tickets.
      "marching on together,"we will see them back to winning ways on the pitch & be there in may,4 the promotion party.

    • Alright dullhead....recovered from the butt kicking you took yesterday?

      har har!

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    • I see dogs has pulled out my old Bonza Butch ID again ..... how boring.

    • You got humiliated shorty, that's what. Now go cry in mummy's lap, no one here gives a f*ck!

      har har.......time for a beer SUCKA !!

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