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    Trains delayed at New Street....

    Rail passengers travelling in and out of Birmingham New Street station on Saturday morning have been told to expect delays of up to two hours because of 'signalling' problems.
    Network Rail have put an emergency timetable in place. Commuters are advised to call the hotline on 0845 0069 0069 or visit www.networkrail/newton_street_station.co.uk before starting their journey.
    Virgin Trains have laid on replacement buses between Birmingham International and Birmingham New Street.
    Similarly, cross-country trains are running coaches to Derby and Nuneaton.
    London Midland have suspended all services in and out of Birmingham. This will cause disruption to Man Utd fans travelling up to St Andrews.
    A Network Rail spokesman said: “Engineers are working hard to repair signalling problems affecting train services in and out of Birmingham New Street.
    “Delays are expected to last for the rest of the day.
    It has been reported a man wearing only a red and white striped top and a woolly hat with a red pompom and one matching red sock was seen 'signalling' to the trains by waving a kilt over his head.
    The spokesman continued "The man was heard shouting obscenities #$%$ off, it's my board #$%$ off, I want to be alone so just #$%$ off)
    "he was seen throwing himself at the windscreens of waiting trains screaming and shouting they should go to Newton Street in Dale End.
    A Police spokesman told me exclusively " This man has managed to avoid capture and was last seen running along the track towards Sandwell.
    "He has tied the kilt around his head Rambo style."
    In a new development a man matching his description was seen running on the track at Newton Road in Sandwell and causing further disruption. He was again heard shouting obscenities (no #$%$ station, I told them no #$%$ station, I wanted to catch a train you #$%$, wheres the #$%$in station)
    The only casualty was a female police officer who had almost caught the man, she was taken to hospital after a full frontal view and was admitted with hysterical laughter. She is not thought to be in a life threatening condition.

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    • Once upon a time, there was a proposal for a Railway Station to be built in Birmingham.

      Doctor Beeching, the popular MP for Transport in the ever popular Labour Government couldn't decide just where to build it for the best, knowing that he was very likely to close it down anyway, in keeping with his policy of restructuring the entire railway system.

      But build it they did. Doctor Beeching approved the plans, for the Station to be built in Newton Street, Dale End, Shortly afterwards the building commenced with ernest, (not dead at the time). On completion of the project, Doctor Beeching arranged for the platform ceremony and all were soon taking their places in the coaches following the preserved engine, 7025 'Clun Castle' bought out especially for the occasion from the Birmingham Railway history museum at Tyseley, At the inaugral opening. Kings/Queens and Presidents of far away countries were invited, from such distant land as Afghanistan in the Far East BUT !! Shock horror, !! When the first train emerged from the one mile long tunnel from Snow Hill, the Royal guests waving toward the expected crowds we disappointed to only see howy standing on the platform of MOOR STREET Station.

      Doctor Beeching wailed in horror." OH NO, WHERE ARE THE CROWDS" ??

      Doctor Beeching ordered his plans to be bought to him, and only then was it discovered that the Station had been built in the wrong place, it was built under the proposed M5 in Sandwell Valley park, Oldbury, Near West Bromwich, along the Newton ROAD !..Oh NO ! Exclaimed Beeching..How silly I am ...said Beeching, to even think that anyone would be silly enough to even think that a station could be built in Dale end, when there are already 3 stations within a mile anyway. And who get mix up 'Street' with 'Road' anyway ?

      So he closed it down and built the M5 in West Bromwich instead.

      So there we have it. The mystery of Newton Street/Road railway Station which never was unravelled !