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  • ZAL THE BLADE ZAL THE BLADE Jan 25, 2010 07:48 Flag


    Well we have missed out on my dream next rnd draw.I wanted Leeds @ The Lane,if we beat Bolton,sadly we are out now,& as it turned out,if leeds bt spurs,then we could have had The Dream Next Round in A Derby @ The Lane,blades & leeds
    Nevermind if we miss promotion in may,& leeds don,t give away their automatic promotion or play off spot we will play them next season.
    I have said it b4 though,now theres No Cup ,watch us sneak automatic promotion Now.

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    • NIGEL....


      Chas has found an old wallet.........but it was empty....

    • Luxury !
      When I were a kid we lived in a shoe box in a puddle worked 26 hours a day...........................................

    • Thanks, Pykee,
      Having followed The Blades,since 1971,officially,71 is because i had to wait while i was 11 yrs old to go to The Lane myself.
      Then from that day,i have been been 100%,behind them,& seen Good & Bad Times,So you have to Keep Faith in em,& no matter what i always predict over achievment,That way you don,t get upset if they don,t achieve my Dreams.ha ha,
      If they were in The Conference,i would still,do the same.
      Where ever they are in Status,i can,t stop supporting em.
      "Marching On To Glory Forever & keeping.THE FAITH" IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME!
      When i catch The Train fom Newcastle(upon tyne,not On Trent)
      The Train gets fellow Blades Fans boarding from Durham,Darlington & When we get to York its like a mini Blades Football Special,with other North of England Blades fans ogoing To The Lane,& seeing them mate,gives yer a Buzz Mate,i can tel yer.
      So Why Not live The Dream, ?