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  • Pikey Pikey Feb 16, 2010 02:02 Flag

    Simply the best....

    RE; Plastic Blade the resident Personnel Minister for the Paranoid has decided to share his thoughts........No, sorry..His opinion........no, no...sorry again....His is the Only Word on the Board...
    "Glad you didn't include St Andrews in that list Mr Downing
    Funny how you know EVERYONES name that posts isnt it?
    And This..........
    "You wouldnt get any grief at St Andrews Zal They dont have a crew, ask any true Villain. I went to St Andrews in the seneties and was compltely underwhelmed by it. Its the first ground i'd been to where the kop end wasnt behind the goal. Typical of the oddities in Small Heath I suppose. It was either On Cattle st or St Andrews walk. When they moved to Tilton Rd I cant tell you but it wasnt when we visited in the seventies. Hardly steeped in history like us are they??????
    Yep....He really know his onions....
    I have saved the best for last...
    "Not read the various BBC books Zal??? theres a few. "
    FFS....why would he 'read' books by the BBC when he was actually there?
    When was the 'seneties?
    The ONLY ground to have a full length Kop. Unique.
    It's the only time you have seen this? Wow...
    Your ground Bramanal Lane? The oldest in the world....It #$%$ shows, cow shed.
    Plastic's Spelling mistakes...
    wasnt (x2)
    If you put a little thought into the presentation and actually gave some factual information you might only sound a little stupid. As it is, you sound like a complete little #$%$.