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  • Knowing your fondness for all things military ..

    I was looking up "Jemadar Mir Dast", an Indian soldier awarded the VC in WW1, and came across this interesting little snippet ...

    "In 1915, Jemadar Mir Dast, while attached to the 57th Wilde's Rifles (Frontier Force), was awarded the 55th's first (and only) Victoria Cross for his distinguished actions at Wieltie, Belgium.

    Mir Dast's brother, Mir Mast, had deserted from his regiment -- the 58th -- to the Germans. It is rumoured that Mir Mast received the Iron Cross while fighting for them."

    Makes you wonder what would have happened if they had bumped into each other.


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    • War any war is a terible thing! Though what makes it all the more terrible is the treament metered out to the common soldier especially up to and including WWI. if you have ever read Cassels History of the First World War and read how mens lives where literally thrown away on a wim by some General sat many miles back from the front it is a miracle that there wern`t mass desertions! Churchills history of the American Civil War highlights the incompetence of Generals commanding masses of men! An Admiral once said that if the Generals had to fight in the Front Line in the same way as High Ranking naval Officers did they would not be so callous and ready to sacrifice others who have no choice! Wellington said after the "Bloody" Battle of Waterloo that the only thing worse than a battle lost was a battle won! Why? Because to the victors comes the job of cleaning up the caranage caused!