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  • ZAL THE BLADE ZAL THE BLADE Oct 13, 2010 08:10 Flag

    RIP - Sheffield United Board ?

    Dear Friend,

    I Myself am In Mourning, England Draw 0-0, A, #$%$ GAME,Then staight after The Match,"CLOSER MAGAZINE" ,advertise THE ROONEYS, Marriage Difficulties.
    One Has Not Been On These Pages, Due To The Fact, MY BE-LOVED BLADES Havn,t Played, Cos Of International Games.
    Mr.Capello , You Are Better Off Re-instating "OUR TONY CURRIE" @ Least yer know HE Will wear HIS HEART,On His Sleeve,For Club & Country,
    Still love The Legend,From The Lane,Despite his Period as A LEEDS Player.
    Bramall Lane Has, UP & COMING "ENGLISH" Talent,So WatchThis Space,"& Remember ZAL,Told Thi ,This In 2010.
    "Up The Blades"