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  • The Alcoholic Brown Family The Alcoholic Brown Family Sep 15, 2011 08:28 Flag

    R.I.P. Vintage Carrot.

    I'm in contact too, as you know, people have left because of NODDY, and they're #$%$ off at you and kipper, especially you.

    As an aside, nice bit in the paper the other day about how illiterate you need to be to join the police over there, apparently, if you can work out how much a woman has in her purse you're in!

    "Winsor said: "Why is the entrance test for a police constable now so low? The educational requirements, why are they so low? We looked at the basic questions, one of which is, 'You find a purse in the street, it contains a £5 note, four 20p pieces and five two pence pieces, how much is in the purse?' That's the standard."

    Still, if you're as thick as #$%$ you could do worse than becoming a copper.

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    • FFS Rikk...your not telling me or anyone else anything new here. We all know your in contact ...using 'Le Legend' as your ID, posing as Chrissy...never been a secret mate, it was raised off the boards, but who really cares anyway no one did, Gibbo is aware but noone gave a #$%$ ! I dont use the site much anyhow and the people I want to associate with, I still do on another site and/or personally so I dont see the point of any gloating you have. If anyone has a problem with Chaz, there is always the ignore button, no problem is there ?...FYI...it wasnt me or Roy or proposed Chaz back in...it was Canadian Mel...I simply agreed with it as did anyone else who replied. Democracy Rikky...you should know all about that...what my relations and yours died for in two world wars....Not the views of one (YOU) because you happen to dislike him..!. !!

      So once again you are having a dig at the police. Fine, once again, no issue with me but have to ask myself why it concerns you so much...is it that you pre cons have caught up with you lately?

      Pity you have to post like a #$%$ Rikk...I know you better than this, but if thats you bag, well...show you maturity level doesn't it !


      Your OLD mate Nige !!

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      • "using 'Le Legend' as your ID, posing as Chrissy"

        Hahaha!! And you're a cop!!

        Chris has already posted on here saying that ID is his, or are you now claiming I'm Chris on here? And as far as I know he never joined the new forum.

        When you act as dumb as kipper, and you know as well as I do how dumb he is, and when you follow him around like a little lost puppy, you'll be treated like him.

        I'm surprised you haven't tried to imply I'm a child molester, as he has.

        Kipper and NODDY are as thick as two short planks, but at least NODDY doesn't deny it, kipper shows himself up every time he posts.

        You also claim you're not racist, and yet you see all the racist #$%$ kipper has posted over the years, and still does, but you have never said a word about it ..... do you think I'd sit back and watch a "mate" on here do that? You know I wouldn't, because I've got the courage of my convictions.

        There's an old saying Nige, if you lie down with dogs you come up with fleas.