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  • The Alcoholic Brown Family The Alcoholic Brown Family Sep 8, 2011 11:57 Flag

    R.I.P. Vintage Carrot.

    As predicted by moi, as soon as NODDY was let back in, the place started to die, as the regular posters left.

    Well done NODDY.

    PS: I hear Nige and kipper are in the doghouse for recommending you!

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    • You mke me laugh Rikk...I got up at 6:30hrs because I wanted to, like I will tomorrow and every day for the next few days...why is my business!

      Bullshyt Rikk ? ...thats your linemate...but go on, you try and blame me for everything, sucker...you will never win mate, your too predictable. !...Thereis not a single poster on these boards who doesn't know what you are like Rikk..not one, so go ahead, say what you like, everyone knows what you are like.!

    • ""Puppy" on a string!!!!! "

      Read back over the thread kipper, the wording was deliberate.

      Another kipper foot-in-the-mouth moment!

    • "Puppy" on a string!!!!!

    • Hahaha!! You got up at 6:30am on a SUNDAY worried sick I'd exposed more of your #$%$.

      You remind me of that Sandie Shaw song, "Puppy on a String."

    • How mad is it to believe someone is someone else in the present tense, when all the time that same person is a reincarnation of the master himself...Will the real Chas step forward please !

    • To save an argument i am nige i am also alan, soppy, butch, howy, la prof,or anybody else you want me to be ,now #$%$ off all of me and stop talking to myself ............

    • Tilton, someone on the Francenal board, John actually, once said 'Pointing at Butch is like staring a Silverback Gorilla in the eye.'

      Pretty much sums it up for me!

      Go to the United or Francenal board on occasion, you'll soon be convinced that we're completely different people. The regulars will vouch for me because I AM the infamous and original Le Professeur! :-)

      Check my post history, you may even find Butch getting on my case recently for having a go at Spursbabe (one of the major idiots)!

      Me and Butch fell out initially, but once I got my egotistical head out of my #$%$ (I was a Uni student at the time!) I got where he was coming from. I dont always agree with him mind! No matter where you go on these boards, the arguments are usually drawn out due to both sides refusing to back down because they can't admit they're wrong....thats all it is - ego! I dont have that problem, I dont take this place so serious, just a bit of fun! I'd rather get on with people, the worlds f*cked up enough as it is.

      Im not interested in getting involved with your problems with him, I like Butch, its things like this which is why I side with him, because he's not lying! I dont believe he would ever impersonate me and I haven't ever had reason to believe he has. I'd prefer to get on with everyone, hence me making this effort to convince you I am who I say I am. I doubt Butch would do the same here! ;)

      Anyway, hope this convinces you, I await your apology for kicking me off the Vintage Claret board!

      Chris :-)

    • If you are the genuine Chris, mate....I don't know why we are having this conversation. I will address this as though you are the genuine guy behind the ID, but you must understand my doubts...Ive known Butch (Rikk ) along time and like yourself, I know he has the capability to copy and hijack any ID he fancies and post as that person as seen recently when using kippers ID on the Spurs board. Ive never had a mis word with you, and never intend to. I actually used to enjoy a decent debate with Rikk, but he took sides with JoKer against me last year, so that ended that. While he continues to attack me and my cyber pals on here that will have to be the way it goes .

      Do I think the original 'Le Prof' was always Butch ? I have no idea, mate, I wasnt around when the real 'Le Prof' was posting regularly....If it is you well, fine, but I have to have my doubts here, for the reasons stated.

      Do I think that the Le Prof on the VC board was you or Rikk? I think it was Rikk...but no doubt you will say different if you are really Rikk using Chrissy's ID...and if you are the real deal, Chris, well, I still need some convincing mate, Rikk has used everyones ID for many years, including mine so I know his ability in this area...I recall you used to be at odds with Rikk, like we all are at some tme or another, but you now seen to be very friendly with him, ? Perhaps you could explain why if you are the genuine Chris..not that it matters, as we are all only on here for a debate and posts...and if we fallout or get friendly so what, it just was a strange allience to suddenly occur.....like Hitler and Stalin !....if not, Im sure Rikk will make something to fit...

    • On the net,but mainly on here.

    • You must have proper wound them up!!

      Anyway, thanks for bringing this to my attention Butch, its a bit disconcerting to find that people have been making false claims about me, let alone talking about me without my knowledge!

      Should I be concerned? I mean there are some right weirdo's on the net, and tracking people down as harmless as Alfie has to be up there with the most disturbing of behaviours.

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