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  • After boring USGP after boring USGP's, the teams decide to make a statement while in the US. If this decision to not race were to have taken place in Europe, riots would still be going on. How bad I feel to try and describe F1 to friends who follow NASCAR, just how amazing F1 really is. Then to see such a #$%$ statement being made in Indy. Poor show fellows. Poor show.

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    • It was truly a sad day for F1 and did it no favours with the US motor sport fans or F1 fans worldwide. I was appalled at the teams basically stitching each other up, we won’t drive then we will drive and for not standing together on the issue and recognising that solidarity is the best policy and the track management for being so lame and slow to react to such a potentially serious situation. I am amazed that the race, if you can actually call it that, went ahead and that the results are being counted towards standings when the majority of teams and drivers where not in the proceedings. I hear some teams are now proposing a good suing, not sure if this will actually help F1 or not?