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  • Bob Bob Jul 20, 2005 05:14 Flag


    You have to be a british soccer fan, 1) you cant spell, 2) F1 may suck in your veiw but you swallow.

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    • yes i am a soccer fan. i didnt realise this was an English lesson. Going back to your point about swallowing, we all swallow something its just your mother likes to swallow the cheese off the end of my dick like the filthy whore she is LOL

    • Fire max mosley. He's horrible. Yeah, let's save money, but now, I'm going to change the regulations for V8's. So now the teams either have to run V10's with lower rev specs or build another car to accomodate V8 engines. Mr. Mosley, so which one is it? Save money or not? Nascar makes decisions which help the sport. So does MotoGP and other racing organizations. They have become very popular over the years because of the overtaking & side by side racing. F1 has gone down. Bring it back to what it was. And stick to the regulations once they are made. It seems that 2006 will be different than 2007 which will be different from 2008. I have one word for you, consistancy.

    • Anyone who thinks F1 sucks is a #$%$ It's #$%$ awesome.