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  • Bobsau...

    ...if you need to comment on another's use of English, it would be better accepted if you checked YOUR spelling, too! Though I do agree that the opener of this thread would be better to keep his obnoxious comments to himself and stick to F1. (and, yes, his use of English is atrocious)

    Yes, the FIA fiasco (the more I learn, the more I fully blame Mr. Mosely) did not do Formula 1 any good, but we have had some excellent races this season.
    The FIA should be changed...I think many people agree. It should forget its campaign for 'one tyre manufacturer' (ask an independent jury to look into the financial arrangements between Max Mosely and Bridgestone) it should also forget the continual 'rule changes' and concentrate on arranging races, arranging safe scrutineering, and not be trying continuously to slow cars down, making teams spend thousands and thousands of pounds complying with rules such as the 'on car' camera rule where (if you weren't aware of it) each car must carry the cameras, No1 car must carry cameras of one colour, number 2, different and No 3, yes-you've guessed it!

    Why? We are told 'for identification purposes' Surely, as each car already carries the name of the driver very clearly marked, as do their helmets, plus each car carries a clear number (attributed to just one driver) a tiny yellow/red band round a camera that measures a fraction of an inch is hardly going to be noticed by officials, spectators or marshals, is it?

    Yet the FIA spent loads of money (the teams' money) deciding on this unnecessary and, frankly, quite stupid rule.

    Lets face it F1 is about speed and about the people who can make their cars faster than others, and about the skill and expertise of a select few very skilled drivers-to continually slow it down and to complicate the regulations by limiting safety features (size of air scoops for braking comes to mind here) reducing width of tyres, amount of permitted down force, etc. etc. does nothing for the spectacle of racing, increases costs and goes against the whole concept of racing in any form...just think about it.

    And can we have less abuse on this site and more valid comments, please,

    Bob fretwell