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  • Bob Bob Oct 27, 2005 20:03 Flag


    Most F1 drivers who turn to American open wheel racing have not done well in F1 and so don't have a drive. They then chose second best. There have been some exceptions, Nigel Mansell springs to mind. The only guy to win the F1 and Indy Champs and he did it back to back.

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    • F1 has been on the back foot for decades. Stirling Moss was correct when in an off the cuff remark he said they should remove the wings. What you have today is a car that can be driven exactly to the maximum. But the rules say, all cars must be exactly the same, and in that single sentence, you see the problem. There is no room for talent as a pure driver any more. It has become a form of computer game where everyone is running flat out because they know that they can. The elegance of the driver right on the limit of the car as it lifts, momentarily off the track has long gone. In the past we watched fine drivers compete head to head as drivers. Today, we watch highly trained technicians who, because they know, (and we can see), they can drive the machine to the limit of its downforce, avoid a on track challenge and stream around, one behind the other in an endless farago of imaginary racing. As others point out, thus becoming nothing more than pit stop races.

      I say that the problem has become one of the originators have become so concerned with CONTROL, they have completely lost sight of the origins of the sport. They both should retire immediately and make way for new blood before the sport finally surcomes to the threat of the new proposed series which, if THEY have the balls to remove the wings, will return the pinical of motor sport back to the truely talented drivers.