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  • How quick the people forget about tires in europe when we fans in the USA saw a farce at Indianapolis. Now the tire talk just is a minor problem....yet Michelin couldn't wait to back away from INDY....I pulled my Michelin tires. They must be unsafe for my Jeep. Never forget the past.

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    • i woz so anoyed wen i saw d farce @ indy i wanted dem 2 put the chicane in it would of made better viewing and max wouldn't be where he is now, i say bring back tire changes!!!!!

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      • whats yer problem with the indy race? it was run to fia rules. rules that the teams and drivers agreed to. and it is susposed to be a sport run to rules. it not run to ensure the fans get to see what they would like to see. if y'awl don't like the rules then don't watch it. what if only one team had a problem with tyres would you like to see the rules changed so they could race. or maybe you'd like all teams to run the same cars with the same engine and the same tyres. and then you could penalise the better drivers by bunging some weights into their cars.