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  • Formula one racing in the rain is the dumbest idea. Racing in the rain proves nothing. All it shows is what little regard the officials have for the drivers, the fans, and the owners. Many cars are wrecked, drivers hurt and money spent.
    Has Formula one ever heard of jet dryers. Watching them race in the rain is about as excitng as watching paint dry.

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    • How dare you say officials disregard safety when it comes to wet weather racing racing. I have just retired as a volunteer motorsport official after 19 years and officiated at all types of racing from F1, CART, NASCAR, Le Mans down. You don't know what you are talking about. Races are stopped if the conditions get to bad like Monaco 84, Adalade 89. When was the last time a F1 driver was hurt in a wet race? The ONLY type of circuit on which you can't race in the wet due to safety are Ovals and that is due to constant high speed and high tyre temps. I sugguest you learn a bit about motorsport before you make comments like that

    • you obviously never saw Alesi on slicks in a Ferrari in the wet,are unable to appreciate Schumachers car control or witnessed Senna at Donnington for the European GP - you have no soul and imagine must be an Oval Racing fan......

    • racing in the rain is a real test of the driver... quite simply go slower, but faster than the car behind you....
      Do that to everyone else and you win!!
      Nobody asks the drivers to drive flat out in those conditions - that's up to their professional judgment.
      Good race.

    • Twat you don´t have a clue!