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  • Does one actually think Alonso has a good chance of retaining his title in 2006 ? Can one so easily write off Montoya,Raikonen or even Micheal?
    It was a well deserved win but credit also goes to a very reliable Renault package.Pound for pound I still think Raikonen and Montoya are better drivers and Alonso will get better with time.

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    • Man, you are right!
      The Iceman is the driver, and Toya too, but, it really makes me angry when Mercedes lets them down. It is becoming sad! I must admit that I am an Icemans fan, but still and always been the one, better then Alonso! I have never seen so good driver, let down by car, mechnical or any other problems!
      Be well, in that F1! will more interesting this year, even if Mercedes have some problems!

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      • I unfortunately suspect alonso may win the title again, pains me to say as i dont really like the chap! I feel kimi may be the man to look out for! and of course, can write off the big man himself, Schumie! Would be nice to see Button do something, but i feel it is a telling season for him, if he doesnt win a race pretty sharpish it is probably all over for him in terms of a championship, and he is to become F1's answer to Tim Henman!!!

    • Sorry was just looking. I think Alonso has a good chance of retaining his crown this year but I also think that we should look out for the Hondas, especially Barricello he has been behind someones shadow for a long time and he is capable given an excellent car and all the necessary behind him.

    • Alonso is a flash in the pan. Look out for Kimi and MS next year!


    • I don't think it will rest with the drivers ability alone in 2006. Look at MS this year. The champion in 2006 will be the guy with the best engine/car package. I would look at Williams/Cosworth, don't laugh, williams have a long record of winning and most of Cosworth's racing experience and success is with V8 engines.

    • Hello, I don´t think it. If Alonso this season was a Mclaren driver, Alonso maybe had won the Championship in the middle of the competition (like Shumi past year). Mclaren had with a big difference the fastest car, but Montoya and Raikkonen didn´t drive with care, with security, so I don´t think at all that Montoya or Raikkonen are better drivers than Alonso, probably faster drivers, but a big driver, like Shumi, is fast and sure, and Alonso is like him.
      The level of Renault is easy to see with the puntuation of Fisichella; Alonso is really fast and sure driver, and probably when he has a good car (I think Renault not is Mclaren or Ferrari) we speak about a great champion.

    • Alonso is a good driver, there is no question, however what he proved this year is that reliablity plays too large of a role in the championship. The points system needs to be reviewed and there needs to be a lager gap between 1st and 2nd then between 2nd and 3rd.

      Who will win on 2006? Right now the favorite has to be McLaren, but the real questions is who will have the best V8. What Micheal proved this year is that no matter how good you are, the package must be there (tires, areo, engine, etc) for you to win.

      The only thing we know for sure about next season is that there will be another shuffle. How the cards will fall still remains to be seen.

    • I disagree. Montoya and Raikonnen have fastest cars, Alonso has won both with a slower car. That makes Alsonso a better driver.

    • I agree with ryan_desa.I think Montoya is the one to look out for in 2006.