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  • It looks as if, not only is Sato losing his seat at BAR next season, he may well be replaced by Davidson for the Chinese grand prix. So what do we think? Good riddance to a dangerous driver who simply doesn't have what it takes in F1 or sympathy for a talented driver with an unusual amount of bad luck?

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    • thats a really good point hes extremely unreliable and has no skill his money that there paying him is stupid he cant even drive and only got about 2 points last year in a good car hes rubbish and i hope i dont see him in f1 again.

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      • The car was decent. Not great. If it were that good, they would have competed with Mclaren & Renault. He has to learn to stay within his limits. You are only as good as your car will take you. AKA, he should stop trying to be superman and be more conservative. Risks make the races exciting, but they should be calculated ones so that you don't hurt the other driver's chances of finishing the race.

    • Remember "Hunt the shunt" and Nigel's early days? They both went on to become No. 1. Give the guy a chance I say.

    • In some ways, luck is one of the things you need most. F'rex Rubens Barrichello having more failures than Michael Schumacher (up to last year), Kimi Raikonnen having so many engine failures (not that it affected him in Japan, since he won, but...)
      OTOH, if you're rubbish, all the luck in the world won't help.

      I'll be slightly sad to see him go, he looked quite promising for a while...

    • Sato does not have what it takes to be in F1. No matter how much $$$ Honda forked to make him a star. I think the Japanese manufacturers should look very hard at the way they try to promote drivers, and invest their $$$ where it pays off.