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  • Bob Bob Oct 28, 2005 16:11 Flag

    New tyre regulations.

    I wonder how much Brigestone and Ferrari paid Mosley to get that rule changed?

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    • For that case, I wonder how much Michelin payed last year!!!!, look not changing tyres takes away from racing, plus it is not safe, as Kimi proved last season, your comment has no basis, just a cheap shot a Ferrari!

    • I an m not sure about paying anyone, but, for sure we will now be seeing ferrari leading the procession once again, anyone with bridgestone tyes is now happy. It was the same when they introduced refuelling, it was all done because the ever thirsty ferrari could not last the race, remember when they were always running out of fuel, easy solution, change the rules to suit the prancing horse. I think Paul Stoddard should be FIA president, I think he has a bit more experience about costs than mosley ever will.