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  • John Smith John Smith Feb 18, 2006 17:20 Flag

    Daytona 500: Anyone going to watch?

    Hello, I am from the USA, and I was wondering if anyone here is going to watch the Daytona 500 auto race on Sunday? It will be on at 6:30 PM, Greenwich Time. .... If you'd like to talk, please just e-mail me at johnsmith2022@yahoo.com . Thanks! John Smith

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    • I watched it and it was great. These FI snobs wouldn't know racing if it hit them square in the face. Lets be honest the best Drivers are NASCAR because of the $$$. Compare what Stewart made last year to whoever won the F1 Championship. I'd put Stewart, Earnhardt jr.,Busch, Harvick ,Gordon or Johnson against anymore the "world" could bring.

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      • NASCAR is better because of the $$$$? Are you kidding me?!! Do you have ANY IDEA what an F1 driver makes compared to NASCAR...Look into it, ITS ALOT MORE. Besides the money, if F1 is so easy tell these guys to try it. We have the first American driver this year since 1993. (Which was Michael Andretti, and God bless the guy but I didn't go so as well for him as it did for his dad) Look into the technology and talent of F1 before you start with the crazy talk again

    • What does the Daytona 500 have to do with F-1 ?? Additionally, NASCAR racing is becoming less interesting with each event. There is very little in common with what NASCAR calls a "stock" car and an actual market - available stock automobile. With the exception of required safety related equipment, let the good ole boys race whut they brung.

    • NASCAR is the most boring thing there ever was...reminds me of professional wrestling.