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  • Watch some more F1 races. No comparison to NASCAR. The cars are so much more advanced. I think you would actually like it more. Too bad more Yanks aren't into it. We finally have an American driver this year, the first since 1993.

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    • The problem with F1 IS the advanced cars. F1 is about who fields the best technology. NASCAR is about who fields the best racing team (driver, crew chief and pit crew). I can tell you who will win an F1 race by looking at who is sitting on the pole position. Small twisty road courses that leave no room for passing make for boring racing. Not to mention that the cars are so fragile, the slightest touch with another car, wall or barrier takes you completely out of contention. I'll take closed cockpit paint-trading any day.

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      • Don't forget slightest touch at high speed! NASCAR? Leave those cars for ordinary roads. What do you prove with all the soup-up of a street car? Will the manufacturers apply those improvements in their production cars? Those developed in F1 such as gearshifting and clutch are now adopted by some cars.

    • The team parity kills F1... To prove this, lets put Zsolt Baumgartner into a Renault, and I bet you lousy Brits that he takes a podium.