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  • helen helen Jul 3, 2006 21:24 Flag

    F1 vs NASCAR?

    Hahaha..oh dear your comment about not knowing much about racing really hits the nail on the head. Last year wasn't a personally thing, the teams didn't think to themselves hmmmm lets completely humiliate Indianapolis! There were only 3 cars because of the tires they drive on! The other main tire company couldn't guarantee drive safety because of changes to the course that they hadn't been made aware of. They asked Indianapolis to change the course to make a particular corner safer and they wouldn't so the teams pulled out. Before getting all upset look in to the facts and it may save you some grief.

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    • You might want to look in to the facts your own self...
      FACT - Six cars started the race, not three.
      FACT - The tire failures occured in the speedway section of the course. This area is the basically the same configuration that it has been since the track was built in 1909 - the course was repaved is all, and that was common knowledge.
      FACT - Tire companies bring multiple types of tires to each race. If they can't get it right, don't look for sympathy

      Thank God there is still a racing series that doesn't contrive competition.