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  • Nigel A Nigel A Nov 10, 2007 06:25 Flag

    F1 vs NASCAR?

    Bob ....

    you said "NASCAR is based on road cars hence the name Stock Cars ' and I kind of agree with that but basically it's the silhouette of a stock car. Under the skin it's a typical racing space frame and in their own way highly sophisticated.

    I noticed that the first message mentioned that they go 200 MPH, but I wonder what a Ferrari (for paddock bend :) ) and or a Mclaren (for myself) would do at Talladega. (Went there once to see the Winston 500, wonderful weekend) They could be fully trimmed out ,. run low gearing so I would expect speeds close to 250 to 260 out of them.

    Any thoughts?


    p.s. To "Joseph O" ... there is a very good reason why F1 carers finish in the low to mid 30's and NASCAR carers are just getting going at the same age. F1 cars are noted to be one of, if not the hardest physical cars in the world to compete in.