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  • VANGIE VANGIE Apr 22, 2006 16:42 Flag

    union jack

    How many more races do the English have to suffer watching the Union Jack being flown upside down?! Check your recordings of the Australian race! Look at last year's races! In America, if the flag is upside down it signifies an emergency. Maybe the clowns who fly the Union Jack upside down are trying to say the same??

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    • It is an emergency. We haven't had a decent driver since Mansell. Don't say Hill cos he was useless, Coulthard is just for the ride and as for Button, well he has just shown why the Union Flag is flown upside down. Oh yeah, there was Brundle & Blundell, but they've gone from being useless in an F1 car to being useless commentators.

    • I agree with you on the upside down point however I think you will find there is no longer a union 'Jack' its the union flag. The union jack is a nautical flag.