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  • RACHEL RACHEL May 27, 2006 23:29 Flag

    Did Schumacher deliberately lose control to ensure he got pole?

    I thought that his "accident" was deliberate as soon as I saw it because the timing and position was to perfect to be true. It stopped all his rivals having a last go at pole. He has used these tactics before like when he crashed into Damon Hill to deny him the world championship when he himself had made a mistake and crashed out. His body language afterwards at the press conference said it all as well.

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    • Of course it was deliberate! The French stewards said it was after being invited to a Renault party!!!

    • It is outrageous that MS is stripped of his pole. Monaco is unforgiving and a centimeter off and you are out. MS has pushed the car too hard many times before, he is very intelligent but also hyper competitive and he simply lost a centimeter which is enough. To strip him of pole is to strip him of the win and give advantage to Alonso in the overall championship. It is also a verdict that henceforth any driver or mechanical error will lead to suspicion and possibly disqualification, a very dangerous path and I do not look forward so seeing where this will be leading the sport.

    • Having scanned through the net reading all the reports and comments on this "incident" here are a few questions I'd like to ask:
      How many times did Senna win in Monaco?
      How many times would Schumacher have won Monaco if he were to win this year which may well be Schumacher's last year in F1?
      Why are the only people who have spoken out in favour of Schumacher Ferrari and Red Bull? A number of the team bosses and drivers normally support him when he is criticized.
      Why does Schumacher insist that he didn't realise he was on pole at the time of the crash and didn't know that Alonso was on a better time on this lap?

      Watch the replay and........
      Why did Schumacher drive straight on TWICE while allegedly trying to make the bend?
      Why couldn't Schumacher engage reverse gear as he insisted was the case?
      Why did the car then stall?
      What were those pigs doing flying over the circuit?

    • Did he, probably but we will never know. Whats next, if the leader of Monaco is closely followed in the race will he be disqualified for blocking? Here is the proposition - whodo you want to win. Then just set the rules to favor your favorite. If that isn't enough, help out along the way. F1 is and always has been a political forum led by people that create their own realities. Open your eyes - Spain and France are desparately trying to repair their failed international images. Just look at the GP of Spain recently. Clearly a nation of people ashamed of their cowardice in the face of terrorism. They now choose to live through Alonso. What if a terrorist threatens to attack again if Alonso doesn't pullout of F1? F1, what a joke!

    • Well the stewards have decided he is guilty and should start last. So if he is guilty he is also guilty of lying and bringing the sport into disrepute. Any other driver would be given a 2-3 race ban - just look back over the years. Putting him at the back of the grid is not much more than a slap on the wrist as he will almost certainly finish in the points. For me it's a bad decision by the stewards because it doesn't show Schumacher and Ferrari that the sport is brave enough to end their antics

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      • seems I may have been right then. and as I said before he isn't averse to using these kind of tactics to try and influence results, but to be fair other drivers have used them as well i.e the late great Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost if I remember rightly clinched titles by nugding each other off the track, but today schumi come unstuck because I don't beleive he would have been stripped of pole unless the stewards were absolutely certainthat he did it deliberately.

    • Schumacher is the greatest driver ever but no one is infallible. He made a mistake but he had the skill to recover the car without crashing - however, he was misplaced on the track right up against the wall. As he clearly explained, he did not want to then reverse into a blind corner with oncoming traffic and the car (which as all F1 cars is very sensitive) stalled. No cheating, just a mistake with a good recovery. Naturally, he looks a bit embarrassed after making such a mistake, especially when people start accusing him and he knows that it ended up hampering others. It's the same with the Damon Hill incident. He crashed but he tried to recover - and Damon crashed into him. Next time you crash into somebody from behind try telling the person's insurance company it's not your fault and see how you go. You crash from behind - your fault - end of story.

    • So all of sudden, everyone become a body language expert?? Sore losers