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  • ice501 ice501 May 28, 2006 00:50 Flag

    Did Schumacher deliberately lose control to ensure he got pole?

    My thoughts exactly. I thought I was the only one who believed Schumi was innocent in the Damon Hill incident. Remember when Schumi crashed in the back of Coulthard in bad visibility. I can't remember everyone in the paddock running up and down calling DC a cheat. I can't remember them shouting out that DC's body language proved it was deliberate.

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    • The other thing is that I think Schumi made a similar mistake at Monaco a few years ago. He was leading the race by a country mile and then ran too deep into a corner but was able to point it the right way and carry on - he lost quite a few seconds but had such a margin he won. So he's vulnerable to these sorts of errors probably because he is more at the limit than other drivers (and so over the long run is the best).

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      • I tend to agree entirely with you there. He has always been on the limit and has more than once took an alternative racing line. I remember when he was with Benetton and ran across a gravel trap to come off the other side and still win. He was so far in the lead that he still won. Nobody called him a cheat then for having an incident. Going back to when he hit Hill in Adelaide even though he was in front of him, I have argued many a time that if someone can hit a wall like he did and at such a speed, then think to himself "I must take Hill out with me", then deliberately hit him, then Schumi must be from another planet. I know when I had an accident in a normal lower speed road car, the last thing I was thinking on impact was if anything else was around me. The critics (including ITV commentators), are always quick to shoot the guy down, but if it was a driver like Hill, Mansell, DC or Button etc, it would be a case of a racing accident.