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  • stuart d stuart d May 28, 2006 07:06 Flag

    Did Schumacher deliberately lose control to ensure he got pole?

    It's about time the FIA stood up to him. They should have done so in 1995 when he crippled Damon Hill. No doubt that banana eating tosspot Ross Brawn will have something to say on tomorrows program.


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    • I saw Ross Brawn being interviewed seconds after qualifying and he was shellshocked - he was clearly embarassed by what Schumacher had done. There's only one thing worse than a cheat - a cheat who isn't even clever enough to do it with style. Kimi was quoted as saying that Schumacher could at least have put his hand over the on board camera so we couldn't watch the steering wheel....

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      • I find it amazing that people can call the spanish people cowards in the face of terrorism,with all the people killed or maimed in the Madrid bombings your might think they are entitled to a little bit of respect and compasion. And in any case I thought this was a forum on formula 1 not on a country's leaning in the political world.