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  • Colin Colin May 28, 2006 17:50 Flag

    Number One Cheat

    Why must schumacher let himself down by cheating.
    He has proved that he has the talent to out drive almost everyone but this weekend he is a disgrace to F1.

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    • I am in total agreement,he is a disgrace he has cheated so much in his spell in the sport as have ferrari who always moan about the slightest thing that any other team has,and they have cheating so many times in the history of the sport as they always bring it down to politics and childish nonsense.

    • Who Sodding Cares? MS is history at end of this season!
      Bring on next year, closer racing & the opportunity for a few new drivers to have a chance!!!

    • 100% correct he and his team are cheats ,they always have been back when he was at benetton and he got all his wins at ferrari with a slave to cover his back all the time.
      the sport is a joke and i will be no longer a viewer to the pro ferrari circus.

    • No I have never cheated in motorsport but I do admit to speeding. F1 drivers blatently exceed the speed limit every race. Where the f*ck are the speed cameras?

    • sorry but you are ASSUMING cheating.
      No proof. And no way of proving it. But surely we don't think he is guilty till proven innocent and then not allow him to put his case?

    • seeing the whinning about Schumacher when he performs the most blatant cheat and gets penalized. "Ohhh.... he is number one, he is my idol, he is seven times champion, it's a FIA conspiracy... sob, sob"

      He deserved it.

    • Schumacher did NOT cheat...his problem is that he IS such a good driver...many of the lesser drivers would have totally lost control after even such a minor error and probably put the car into the wall.... but because he is the best ..he managed to ensure that not even the nose was damaged!! It's a disgrace that the world's best driver (and the sports best ever driver) has to be subjected to such biased treatment by the so called "authorities" of the sport...wasn't the person who issued the decision on behalf of F1 a SPANISH national...who then tried to justify placing Schuhmacher right at the back by saying something ridiculous like "well...we considered just dropping him 10 places, but..."
      YES...it was a big but...nothing like trying to hand your fellow countryman an almost insurmountable lead... the sport was tarnished on Saturday...not by Michael Schuhmacher but by those so eager to bring him down....
      I wonder if being german might also play a part in te disrespect he suffers from the governing body???? His treatment reminds me of the way Johnny Mac. was treated...but Schuhmacher can take comfort in the fact that true genius always triumphs over petty human behaviour. Neither Alonso or any other driver is ever likely to usurp his place in history no matter how many times he is falsely accused and penalised!!
      And NO...I am NOT german !!!

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      • Monaco Grand Prix is a circuit where pole position is valuable because it is very hard to overtake. One can just hope that the car in front of him develops engine trouble, crashes or has no more fuel --- for him to go ahead.

        Placing Schumacher at the pits to start the race is a disgrace to the stewards. 10 places down is enough if he ever committed anything. But they really want to ensure that Alonso will win...as I've said before, Michael will soon retire and they have no further need for him. Alonso is young and the gloating Renault Manager ( Remember: "Who is Michael?" ..after their win last season ) is very happy now.

        Guilty until proven innocent.

        Time to put up a new F1 circuit. Forget Ecclestone. This has become a business not a Sport!

    • Innocent until proven....you haven't proved anything...except you're forgetting how many other drivers/teams have had accusations thrown at them. You could go back to the day dot, everybody bends the rules when they can, but you can't see that through your tints. Accept defeat gracefully, even though Alonso can't when he gets beaten.

    • Which driver has been involved in controversies from the FIRST (of SEVEN, since you like making that point) of his championships? Which driver has admitted, and been penalised, for CHEATING. Please prove that none of his "titles" have never been tainted by the actions of himself or his team over the years, and I mean EVERY year he won the title. Show me ONE year where M$ and his team were NOT involved in some controversy, but got away with it.

      If you look at various things that have happened, there has not been a single WDC-winning year when M$ or the team he was driving with did NOT do something which was in breach of the Technical or Sporting regulations. That is cheating, no matter how you look at it. No other driver and team has been involved in so many controversies as M$ and the teams he has been with in the history of F1. No other driver and team has had so many titles "questioned" because of their tactics and "definition of the rules". No other driver has gotten away with deliberately causing an incident in the way that one certain driver has. Ask Rubens, he was put on the grass at Indy so he wouldn't be able to pass Michael. Anyone else would have been penalised for that. And, as I say, we'll leave the "illegal team orders" out of this. Poor Massa, spending the rest of his short F1 career as a lapdog being told how to drive so he makes his teammate look good. That is illegal, by the way, please check the Sporting Regulations if you are not sure. But it's Michael, so it's ok, in your view.

      This time he was caught, get used to it.

    • Got another question: What colour tinted screen do Belgium TV's have?

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