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  • probablygraham probablygraham May 28, 2006 18:57 Flag

    Number One Cheat

    Why would he cheat?
    The question is why he did it.
    There's one record that has been niggling him - guess who has won more races in Monaco than Schumacher? Senna.
    And what is just about the only way for him to win Monaco? Pole, because without the pole he would never be able to get Alfonso at the start.
    Now however we would all like to be experts, the real experts are the drivers and teams. And they ALL agree he cheated (except for Ferrari and Red Bull).
    Many drivers and team bosses are great friends with Schumacher and have supported him in the past - not this time.
    The drivers are currently trying to get him voted out of the GPDA for lack of sportsmanship.
    This was a blatant and cynical piece of driving.
    Putting him on the back of the grid is a joke - he will still get in the points. There should have been at least a 1 race ban.

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    • You make good points but Schumacher has never been that hung up on the records - he's got enough of them now to ensure he's top on most counts. Even if he did win more races at Monaco than Senna, that wouldn't really prove anything and he knows it. Ferrari is not a popular team with the rest of the paddock and I think it quickly became a group effect condemnation. Putting him at the back of the grid is a joke - he's penalised for making a driving error because he didn't smash up his car (he managed to avoid that) and there's no contest with Alonso at the front...

    • Just because MS is multiple world champion and he is the without a doubt the best F1 driver in the history of F1 GP, it doesn't mean that he cant make a mistake. At high speeds even the best can make a mistake, some people are so negative in thought and action in their life that they always have to think the worst of other people. Why dont you look at your life before judging other people. If you truly know MS, his character and life style, you would'nt be over reacting but instead accept his honest answer that it was driving error and not a sinister ploy to be on pole.Some people are quick to judge because they live life being suspicious all the time.