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  • Since when did the stewards relegate MS to the pit lane? Ferarri and Michael elected to do that after changing the engine on an undamaged car. Not the Stewards. This was to avoid any possible first-cornar carnage, as he would have been able to cruise past any incident whilst in the pit lane exit. Slight difference from the Stewards dumping him there for parking the car, isn't it.

    Hopefully Michael will soon retire, then the incidences of rule breaking will drop. Of course, they don't cheat. They've only had to redesign their front wing TWICE this year so far after the FIA judged it was flexing too much. And we know that they, like the Renault, still have flexing wings but they aren't cheating, are they...

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    • No..they didn't place him in the pit lane but it would have been pretty irresponsible if he did NOT try to do whatever he could to help his team after the biased and blatantly pro-Alonso decision which was made or at least greatly influenced by a SPANIARD........
      As for your knowledge of this sport ...anyone who believes that it would be GOOD for Schuhmacher to retire...obviously knows VERY LITTLE about it.
      There never was, nor will there ever be, a driver like Michael Schuhmacher...and whatever you may feel about him as a person (which, by the way, can only be a judgement based on what you read or hear from others, or interpret from whatever channel you happen to be watching...since you obviously DON'T know him personally...)to deny his talent and what he has done for the sport is simply STUPID....and basically shows prejudice and ignorance !!!