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  • Rick Rick May 28, 2006 18:38 Flag

    Guilty until proven innocent...?

    Should we change our legal system to the F1 version: Guilty until proven innocent? That really does seem to be what's happened with Schumacher. He sets a very quick first sector, his middle sector's not that good, he tries desperately in the final sector, runs wide but manages to prevent crashing into the barrier. He doesn't want to reverse into oncoming traffic and his engine has an automatic stall after ten seconds. But no - unfortunately he's Michael Schumacher who everyone loves to hate so he's accused of everything. Stewards bow to pressure and the public are deprived of a fascinating fight between him and Alonso at the most glamourous circuit.

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    • Thanks for the statistics. Alonso is gleefully predicting that his road to a second championship is clearer with his insurmountable lead of 21 points.

      However, things happen in F1. Hakkinen's car stopped on the last lap because it run out of fuel.

      One race at a time. And a new battle starts at Silverstone.

    • Biased but trying to hide it.... That is a good one.

      And you are completely "unbiased" in your opinion? I only named various occasions where M$ and his team at the time being involved in things which were "dubious". The facts regarding those incidents speak for themselves. You choose to ignore them, and therefore the circumstances involved in those wins. Ok, in 2002 Ferarri were unbeatable. That was no excuse for the shambles in Austria that year, when M$ already had a commanding lead in the championship. If you can actually cast your mind back, team orders like that were banned after the incident in Australia when DC slowed on the start-finish straight to allow Mika to get past. So why was it allowed in Austria 2002, when Ferarri forced Rubens to do the same at the last corner.... The rules were "ignored" at that time, but that is ok in your view. Schumacher may be a *good* driver, but that doesn't mean that his achievements have not been tainted by his and his team's repeated actions.

    • You're right. You are biased but trying to hide it. I applaud your honesty. History does speak for itself:

      MSC Alonso

      World Championship wins 7 1
      Number of GP 231 70
      Victories 84 8
      Podiums 142 23
      In the points 174 39
      Pole Positions 64 9
      Fastest Laps 69 3
      Career Points 1248 2

      Of course it would have been 65 pole positions if Alonso hadn’t cried to Uncle Max Mosley.

      Please try not to alter history too much, I know you've tried to cloud the greatness of the SEVEN times world champion, please accept facts.

    • Ahhh... I'm "Renault Biased"... That is despite the fact I also posted comments in another thread, of the Renault "Flexi-Wing" and the dubious tactics of Fisi under blue flags yesterday.. Yeah, my view is clouded.

      Everything I have said about Schumi is easily found with a minimum of trouble, if you want to look. History speaks for itself. And, yet again, somebody whose judgment is so clouded accuses me of supporting a team which, in not only my view, are running an "illegal" car to which I turn a blind eye to.... Yeah, right.

      Please be so kind as to tell me when I said I was "for" Renault, or any other proof of it instead of just assuming I MUST like Flab because my views do not agree with you. But since Flab was in charge of "Benetton" when we had the Jos Verstappen incident, why would I say that they had "done something wrong" if it was purely bias against M$? Why would I "love" the team run by the same person and team which caused that incident, and also has come out with some nice "u-turns" over the 2008 regulations he agreed to? But it is funny how certain things, easily proven, continue to revolve around one driver and the team he is involved in since he left Jordan to go to Benetton, isn't it? But I guess, in your view, all that means I am a Renault F1 (ex Benetton F1) fan, despite my comments on them this year.....

    • Have I hit a raw nerve, maybe you was thinking it. Your trying to cloud the waters with what Ferrari have done allegedly and Schumi. Your world is so full of hate for the worlds SEVEN time champion that everything that is wrong with F1 is down to Schumi. Thanks for your biased opinion anyway, event though it is through the Renault tented glasses that you won in a cornflake packet.

    • Schumi's TEAM (Benetton) DID remove certain parts of the fuel rig, which may have contributed to the flash fire involving Jos Verstappen. Those actions, although unproven, may have been an attempt to try to make the fuel flow faster, but were also prohibited under the FIA regulations. FACT.

      You tried to involve the death of someone in a totally unconnected set of circumstances ("funny how he died this weekend" or something VER similar) which is the worst comparison which could be made.

    • Actually it is not sick, and I was only saying what the anti-schumi brigade were thinking. To say Schumi deliberately tampered with a fuel rig which could have killed somone is even sicker.

    • Now that is sick. How dare you compare the tragic death of a person to your own thoughts on a conspiracy against an F1 team? You cannot bring that into any argument here, that is the lowest comment I have heard anywhere.

      You really have shown your true colours now, it just shows how much your judgement has been clouded by your views for you to be able to make a comment like that. Disgusting

    • Next the anit-schumi brigade will be saying Michael had something to do with the death of Eduoard Michelin. It really seems suspicious he died this weekend. Michael must have had something to do with it, after all he's been accused of everything else.

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