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  • A Yahoo! User May 29, 2006 15:44 Flag

    Guilty until proven innocent...?

    Well, first things first, you really need a grip on reality here.

    Read the post I made and you will see WHY the Michelin teams were not penalised. If they had ran the cars, and there was an accident, then even Max Mosely would have been slapped in Jail. Some of us think that would be a good idea, but that is another story.

    Now, as to Michael.

    Benetton. Beat Hill to championship by one point by crashing car into Hill and ending both car's races. A few years later admits it was a deliberate act. Was also cautioned more than once, and threatened with a ban, for dangerous driving ("bumping" into people) in 1995. Also add in illegal ride height, flexing body parts, tampering with FIA fuel nozzle (think Verstappen's pit lane fire).

    Ferarri... Yes, mid grid team. But add in other "irregularities" over the time he was there, from "dangerous driving" to illegal body parts, and things don't look so good.

    Yes, he is a "good" driver. But the incidents over the years do tend to point to someone who could not win without having the rules manipulated in some way. Brake testing Montoya in the Tunnel at Monaco the other year is NOT the actions of a driver who is a true "champion". Even Senna would never do that. If you don't believe me when people talk about Michael and his/his teams' regular (hey, it's virtually an anuual occasion now) "cheating", then please feel free to look through the history. Some of us definitely don't have short memories. Mind you, our memories and judgement aren't clouded either.

    Oh, and I think KEKE (get a spell checker please) Rosberg knows a little more about F1 than you do. He may have won only one championship, but things were a LOT different then. Michael would have been a different driver in those days too, and would never have had the wins, etc he has been able to get by the "whatever means necessary" tactics used now. By the way, how do you do a "10 second stop go penalty" in the pitlane AFTER the race is over without bring the sport into disrepute.

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    • So we're now picking up on spellings, well, we are a stuck up picky lot. Obviously you read too much media and can't make your own judgement. You're even accusing him of messing with someones fuel rig. LOL. The anti-shumacher train will say anything to be heard. SEVEN time world champion. FACTS. Live with it. SEVEN.

    • Well said Psycho I started a thread on this very issue on Saturday but it seems to have disapeared, and all the Shumacher fans were all blinkered on that thread as well. A friend and myself were talking together about this yesterday and a point he made was that there have been to many questionable incidents involving Shumacher over the years for them all to be mistakes or accidents, and even the most ardent of Shumacher fans can't really argue about that.