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  • A Yahoo! User May 29, 2006 20:27 Flag

    Guilty until proven innocent...?

    Ahhh... I'm "Renault Biased"... That is despite the fact I also posted comments in another thread, of the Renault "Flexi-Wing" and the dubious tactics of Fisi under blue flags yesterday.. Yeah, my view is clouded.

    Everything I have said about Schumi is easily found with a minimum of trouble, if you want to look. History speaks for itself. And, yet again, somebody whose judgment is so clouded accuses me of supporting a team which, in not only my view, are running an "illegal" car to which I turn a blind eye to.... Yeah, right.

    Please be so kind as to tell me when I said I was "for" Renault, or any other proof of it instead of just assuming I MUST like Flab because my views do not agree with you. But since Flab was in charge of "Benetton" when we had the Jos Verstappen incident, why would I say that they had "done something wrong" if it was purely bias against M$? Why would I "love" the team run by the same person and team which caused that incident, and also has come out with some nice "u-turns" over the 2008 regulations he agreed to? But it is funny how certain things, easily proven, continue to revolve around one driver and the team he is involved in since he left Jordan to go to Benetton, isn't it? But I guess, in your view, all that means I am a Renault F1 (ex Benetton F1) fan, despite my comments on them this year.....