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  • A Yahoo! User May 29, 2006 21:23 Flag

    This happen because of he is MS from Ferrari ?

    Sporting Regulations.... Try reading them.... It's called bringing the sport into disrepute, a BIG area.

    This year, there is a difference in how the Stewards work. There is someone there for every race. That person is not an "amateur", but a paid member of the FIA. His job is to be seen to be impartial. A breach of the rules was found to happen, and the person responsible was punished. That is fair. Previous years have seen different things happen, a big difference. The FIA have not exactly been angels over recent years (Hey, Bridgestone runners use different compounds of tyres on each rear wheel, which is illegal, but only test "front left" and "rear right", why not all FOUR tyres from Williams and Ferarri? A bit strange) and in fact forced Ferarri to change their front wing design twice this year because they didn't think it was "100% legal".... Now, other teams have been busted far more over "dubious" things like that. Think BAR fuel tank, think McLaren with "two" brake pedals (illegal steering assistance, despite it not acting on the steering), think Michelin tyres becoming "illegal" half way through the season. Now think of the various infractions which have been carried out by certain teams over the years, and how often the same names crop up. And you say he and his team don't cheat? What was your interpretation of the "barge board" incident? They admitted it did bend 15mm when the rules stated a maximum of 10mm? So how legal was it?

    I guess "winning a championship by barging people off the track" is ok by you as well, provided Michael does it. And you say that I am biased.