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  • A Yahoo! User May 29, 2006 10:41 Flag

    This happen because of he is MS from Ferrari ?

    1600 hp / 2400 cc ; 600 kph
    One Lap One Minute
    60 Laps in 60 mts SAVING 25 mts
    25*60/95=15.8 Laps
    WIN by 12 Laps cost us $ 300,000

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    • I agree. When Schumi started to win races and then win championships, FIA changed rules to suit other teams so they could win races. So who are the cheats? Ferrari should pull out of F1, then let's see how popular it is without Ferrai or Schumi. All these people calling Schumi a cheat are narrow minded and don't really know, or realise the true meaning of an all round F1 driver. They just jump on the band wagon and are easily led by the media. They are usually swayed in their opinions by their need to see their own countymen win. I am English, but that does not stop me realising what a great F1 driver Schumi is. You can't take away the fact that he is SEVEN times world champion. He didn't do that through cheating. Face the facts, he is truly the greatest F1 driver ever. Now eat yor sour grapes on that and choke on them. No matter what you say, no-one can match him. If every footballer got sent off the pitch because he committed a foul, there would be no world cup. If every driver got banned, (like some people are calling for), there would be no Grand Prix. If every motorist on our roads were banned from driving for making a slight error, there would be lot of people not going to work. Get off your high horses, and admit, love him or hate him, you were alive to witness the greatest F1 driver there ever was, and probably ever will be. You can ban him from the sport (for making a slight error), the facts are still there, the records have not gone away. Schumi is the greatest.

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      • HAHAHAHAHA.....

        Ok, when did the FIA change the rules to suit other teams? If you remember right, the FIA changed the rules "mid season" to rob the Michelin tyres of the advantage they were gaining over Ferarri, didn't they? And which team was losing out when they went to "single set of tyres" last year, which resulted in the change back to changing tyres in the race?

        Oh, Michael didn't win through cheating.... Let me see, there was a Benetton which was running "too low", bargeboards which flexed a bit more than they should, ramming/attempting to ram people off the circuit (damon hill/jacques villeneuve), illegal team orders, flexi wings, different compounds of tyre on rear wheels, illegal blocking, deliberately trying to cause a red flag at the start of a race (austria 2000), brake testing drivers, forcing people off the track (just ask Alonso a year or two ago, or even Michael's own brother), illegal "simulated" traction control....... I could go on.

        But none of that is cheating, is it? It is a shameful litany of failings from the FIA to punish a team and driver for the multitude of infarctions they have been allowed to carry out over the years though.