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  • A Yahoo! User May 29, 2006 15:23 Flag

    This happen because of he is MS from Ferrari ?

    Great idea..... Take your perfect Ferarri team with you, and the rest of the F1 world can get on with enjoying races without the dubious tactics and sportsmanship of a certain team being involved... F1 will live without Ferarri, easily.

    See you in two years!!

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    • Without Schumi you would get the race you so called F1 fans (lol) want. A Reanult out the front by itself. Notice I say a Renault and not Alonso, cos next season, Alonso will be an also ran. You obviously have never experienced a F1 race with your blinkered opinions. Who you gonna back next year? Which team is out the front at the time. You must be a new found Chelsea supporter, until another team starts winning!! Do yourself a favour and go and watch Schumi in action. Second thoughts, don't bother, we don't need sheep on the track. Baaaaaa

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      • And that comes from a sheep who blindly follows the Ferarri bandwagon.

        There is no way of telling what will happen next year. Remember that Michelin are pulling out so people will have fun swapping to Bridgestone tyres. That will drop most of any advantage Renault, Macca, etc have for next year. But expect fireworks from the McLaren team, normally when the engine block explodes.

        Oh, and considering I go to the French, British, German GP's (both races in Germany, that is) every year, as well as Spa when it is on, for the past 5 years, then I think your comment about "never experienced a F1 race" is a *little* bit of a wild accusation. Oh, and please tell me which team I have said I supported? What a shame, you can't do that because your OWN "blinkered opinions" mean you only have the ability to ASSUME you know what people think and know, and not to actually listen to and see certain things around you. Take the "ferarri tinted" glasses off, you'll see the world in it's true perspective then.