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  • Dennis Dennis May 29, 2006 17:29 Flag

    This happen because of he is MS from Ferrari ?

    Excuse me...I don't have a blindfold and I do not follow Ferrari just because they are winning. Hakkinen was the champion when I began to admire the way Schumacher was driving and his perseverance in achieving his goals.

    That incident last Saturday is an accident. The only difference is that Schumacher committed it and it directly affected the pole position results beacuse they say Alonso will surely get the pole because of his speed along the track.

    If Klien or Albers or even Trulli committed it, nobody will raise a howl. But it was Schumacher and the animosities that already exists in F1 began to show . After all, F1 has a new champion in Alonso and Schumacher will retire soon. There is no more need to live with Schumi.

    Foremost, F1 is a business and as such, when they have no more use for you, sorry but you will be an non-entity sooner than you can blink an eye. Ecclestone should be reminded that it is the fans who prop up his business. That act by the Stewards is not only unjust but harsh and will be remembered by those who admire Schumi. Only 10 cars were qualifying and he is relegated to 22nd place? Oh well...any position below pole is a death sentence in Monte Carlo because passing is very hard!

    The 2005 Indianapolis was already a blackeye for F1..This is strike 2. A shameless F1 management will still go to the US this year and that will be strike 3.