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  • jonny jonny May 29, 2006 22:55 Flag

    This happen because of he is MS from Ferrari ?

    Shcumi keeping to attack the points, there is long road to go. Alonso is not win by his talent. he win because of his always lucky.
    - He win when other have engine problem
    - He win when other have car problem
    - He win by complain and make noise
    - He win ......? no, he luckily win.

    Alonso's luck will end if every driver have the same luck as he has.

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    • 3 out of your 4 points are truly correct. Alonso would not be WDC if

      a) McLaren-Mercedes had gotten their act together
      b) Bridgestone had gotten their act together.
      c) You have to include Ferarri in this, they took their eye off the ball and couldn't get their "exclusive" tyres to work properly.

      Now, we all know the Macca problem last year (Hey, we forgot to tighten up a nut properly so Kimi lost his hydraulic fluid). We all know that Williams were a mess. As far as Toyota goes, HOW MUCH DID THEY SPEND? Alonso won because his car worked better than anyone else's over the whole season. A bit like Ferarri in 2002, but not so dominant as that. That was luck.

      But I don't remember Alonso winning the WDC by complaining and making a noise..... And WILLIAMS made the protest about Michael's actions, not Renault or Alonso....

      But you are right, there is a long road to go. That was only round 7, but the most prestigious event of the season was tainted by the actions of one man. Ok, he and others did kinda put the "you can't overtake here" comment into where it should be, but that is no excuse for his previous actions at the weekend.