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  • naturalstupidity naturalstupidity May 29, 2006 19:43 Flag

    Schumi proves!!

    schumi faced the axe because he is Schumi....Alonso could hv been a hero hd he not complained & given a straight fight to schumi....bt alonso choosed to complain.....Renault didnt have the balls to c the red car in front of them as they knew they would have no answer to the charging ferrari....ferrari proved it tht they were stronger on the day & they had the answer to the blue team.....but renault choosed to win by complaining.....so i say & i cn vouch tht on this day ferrari was netime btr thn the BLUES!!!!!
    Schumi doesnt want to prove his guilt he is innocent.......if he wasnt he would hv jst given up easily........bt he fought his way back even on the unforgiving road of monte carlo....

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    • Alonso and Renault didn't complain, BTW... It was Williams-Cosworth....

      Ok, they were blue, but there was no "yellow and blue" or cigarette ads on the cars of the team who actually made the complaint against Schumacher and Ferarri....

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      • alonso was the worst hit....it was d team in blue & as u said yellow were the one's who were gonna b hit by the raging ferrari.......did u c alonso's face whn schumi won the german gp????he was abt to cry as he could nt accept the fact tht he was beaten by d reds who they considered as underdogs...alonso & his team r living in lala land where they think tht their competition is btwn the mclarens & honda's....i mean even aftr the reds beating them fair & square back to back they wanna act as being ignorant.....renaults knw tht the resergance of ferrari is something tht they were not even dreaming & if they have ne chance this year of winning they have to take the reds outta their way.........so u decide whose side are u on

    • Exactly, Alonso is scared of a head to head straight fight. Not worthy of being a champion