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  • naturalstupidity naturalstupidity May 29, 2006 22:03 Flag

    Schumi proves!!

    alonso was the worst hit....it was d team in blue & as u said yellow were the one's who were gonna b hit by the raging ferrari.......did u c alonso's face whn schumi won the german gp????he was abt to cry as he could nt accept the fact tht he was beaten by d reds who they considered as underdogs...alonso & his team r living in lala land where they think tht their competition is btwn the mclarens & honda's....i mean even aftr the reds beating them fair & square back to back they wanna act as being ignorant.....renaults knw tht the resergance of ferrari is something tht they were not even dreaming & if they have ne chance this year of winning they have to take the reds outta their way.........so u decide whose side are u on

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