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  • Dennis Dennis May 30, 2006 11:45 Flag

    Schumi proves!!

    Eleven ( 11 ) more Grand Prix to go. Put up or shut up time!

    Every race from now on is a battle. F1 can help Alonso again by changing all the rules but Ferrari will have an answer to every rule they change. Let the race be decided on the track and not the backrooms and boardrooms of the F1 Management and the Stewards!!!!!

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    • ya right 11 races to go....the battle begins for the title,,,,i m sure the reds have enuf in them to c thru cn the opposition digust the resergence of the reds & put it in their head tht ferrari is the only team frm whom they gotta scare,,,rest are all pommies,,,,,,,
      Move out ppl...IN SCHUMI V BELIEVE........